Sash Windows

traditional upvc sliding style

Sash Windows

Sash Windows are a traditional style. These days there are more styles of window that never before. New technologies and manufacturing techniques mean that we can be more precise and more intricate with designs. A window design that has become more popular in recent years is the sliding sash.


What are sliding sash windows?

A traditional design, often associated with chocolate box country cottages. Before their invention most windows were often small and leaded. The size was down to the weakness of the lead that meant large panes of glass weren’t a practical option.

Sash windows are made up of moveable window panels. These are the sashes. The sashes move either vertically or horizontally on a cord built into the frame. The sash opens with a system of pulleys and weights that balance the opening panel.

upvc sliding sash
upvc sliding sash window
double glazed sliding sash
upvc sliding window
traditional upvc sliding style

When were they invented?

There isn’t really a date for the invention of sash windows. They’re thought to have originated in the 17th century in Europe. Becaming popular with the English aristocracy, they loved to mirror their stylish European cousins. They allowed for larger openings and were more attractive in the grand country houses of the day.

Each period adopted the sash window. They developed their own style with Georgian and Victorian versions coming along. Another reason why they are so popular in the UK, with our traditional cottages and terraces.

Can sash windows be double glazed?

Yes! Timber sash windows fell out of fashion mainly due to how expensive they were to repair or replace. New technologies for manufacturing uPVC saw the creation of mock-timber sash units. Easier and cheaper to make than their wooden counterparts. uPVC double glazed units have the same thermal efficiency as standard casement units. With the benefit of extra security benefits thrown in too.


  • Aesthetics – they look great, therefore ideal traditional cottages
  • Versatility – they can suit any time of house and can fit in larger or small areas
  • Security – sash windows tend to lock in the centre of the two panels. Making it harder for young explorers to get the window open and get out by accident.


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