Why choose composite doors

composite doors

Why choose composite doors

Did you know blue was the most popular colour for a front door when trying to sell your house? Random fact aside, you can have pretty much any colour you like these days with composite doors.

We supply and install lots of doors, UPVC and Composite. Not quite sure what the difference is? Then read on and find out more about composite doors and why you should choose one.

First things first, what are composite doors?

A composite door, is as the name suggests a composite of several materials. Made up of a solid timber core that’s surrounded by other materials. These include uPVC, laminate or GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). The addition of these extra materials means the structure is more durable and more robust. They offer stylish looks and finishes along side cutting edge performance and security.

The various layers of material all have their own benefits. From weatherproofing to insulation, they all play a part. They are weather resistant and less likely to warp, rot or crack.

What are the benefits of composite doors?

Choice. Not only do you get a great choice of colours and styles, you also get a maintenance free and high performing door. They will last for decades without you needing to repaint them.

Performance. Because of its make-up it will give you a higher energy performance. They have a higher thermal efficiency and will insulate your home better. Less draughts can get in and less heated air can escape. It will help reduce your carbon footprint too.

Security. Our composite doors all come with the latest multi-point locking systems. They are impact resistant helping keep your doorway secure and intruders out. The solid wood core and protective uPVC layers make for a robust door, built to last.

Is a composite door better than uPVC?

Both types of door are versatile, we install plenty of both. You can design both types of door in any way you choose. But, composite doors are more hardwearing and robust. This means they will maintain look better for longer. While uPVC doors may suffer from the elements and fade over time, a composite door won’t.

So, all that’s left is to decide on a colour. With so many options available you ill be spoilt for choice. Why not check out our list (with a little help from Google) about what your choice of door colour says about you!

Red – for a warm welcome

Teal – for calmness and trust

Grey – for minimalism

Green – for prosperity

White – for organised

Orange – for optimism

Yellow – for cheerfulness

Purple – for creativity and success

Black – for strength

What colour will you choose?
Visit our factory showroom to see your options and find out more. Don’t forget you can see our latest installs on our Instagram and Facebook if you need some inspiration!