About Equinox Tiled Roofs

You can have a practical, year-round living space.

Try our ultra light weight composite tiled system for a solid roof conservatory. Bright, spacious and airy, your conservatory is a great addition to your home. As the seasons roll by, changing temperatures can make it uncomfortable to be in. Too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Enjoy your conservatory all year round, the benefits of a solid roof conservatory. The Equinox tiled roof system is the perfect solution. Combining high-quality precision engineering with attractive styling inside and out. You’ll be adding valuable extra usable space to your home without the high cost of building an extension. It all goes to make the Equinox tiled roof the best value way to improve your lifestyle.

The Equinox roof offers what the industry calls a “warm roof” design. An Equinox solid roof conservatory will keep heat in all the way up to the ceiling apex. Meaning your whole room stays cosy and warm. A solid roof conservatory is up to 15 times better at keeping in the heat. Measured against a traditional 16mm polycarbonate roof. With a u-value of 0.15 it is 10 times more energy efficient that a normal A-rated double glazed window.

Complete installation in 3 days.

This advanced quality roof system offers straightforward hassle-free installation. Built straight onto your existing conservatory, you can look forward to minimal disruption. It’s the perfect replacement for a tired looking traditional conservatory roof. Or to turn a new conservatory into a year-round living space. As an added bonus, the change of a conservatory roof is covered under permitted development so no planning permission required.



Our Equinox tiled roofs offer a broad selection of colours and finishes, our palette boasts a varied selection of shades, and wood effects and textures so that there is the perfect solution for any home.

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