Improve the appearance of your fascia and soffit and stop the rot!!

We can offer you a complete, high-performance PVC roofline system.
They look good and are maintenance free.
They will never rot, discolour, crack or need painting.

What is a roofline system?

A roofline system is the collective term for the bargeboards, fascia and soffits.

What are fascia and soffits?

Fascia are long boards that run along the bottom edge of your roof. Fixed onto the roof trusses they support the lower row of roof tiles. In most cases, your guttering is on or supported by the fascia.

The soffit is what you see from the ground. Positioned under the fascia.
Most modern soffits have vents to extra ventilation.

Finally, you have a bargeboard. Used on the gable ends of your property.

Making sure all these pieces are sturdy and secure is essential. It will keep your roof tiles and guttering working and in place. Old style wooden fascia and soffits rot over time and fall apart. They can fail to support your gutters and make your home look untidy.

Upgrading your old wooden roofline with new UPVC is the best way to keep your house looking great and rot free.


Eurocell manufacture all our UPVC fascia and soffits. That means that all the colours offered across our entire range will match.
We have a range of different colours and finishes to choose from.
All our whites are the same, all our woodgrain finishes identical.


Better still, we offer up to 10 years’ guarantee against cracking and warping.
Our 18mm thick high quality UPVC fascia boards are strong and weather-proof.


The ideal long-term protection for your roof.


If you need any more reasons, why not see our blog – 4 reasons you should upgrade your roofline.