What does a front door do for your home?

what does a front door do for your home

What does a front door do for your home?

A front door is something we all take for granted. After all, none of us have lived for any length of time in a house without doors! But you don’t stop to consider how much they do for us. This week, we delve into what a front door can do for us, and how difficult it would be to live without them.

Protecting you and your property

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Their first and most obvious function is that of security. Our front door is the very first line of defence against intruders. Yale locks and multiple-bolts are some of the most obvious lower-tech measures. Almost every modern home security system monitors the doors for any disturbances. The very structure of the doors themselves can also be a deterrent. Made from anything from wood to reinforced steel. (We make our composite doors, for example, from a range of materials.) When it comes right down to it, they often don’t even have to actually withstand force. Since most thieves are opportunists, a front door that looks sturdy is a deterrent enough.

Keeping your family safe

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A front door is also helpful for keeping tabs on the house’s more vulnerable or dependent occupants. You can contain new pets or young children with solid doors. Ensuring their safety if you have to dash to get the telephone. Besides this function, doors also act as immediate safety devices. In the event of a house fire, your doors put a barrier between you and the immediate danger.

Maintaining your comfort – and your happiness!

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A front door is generally good control of temperature in day-to-day life. Draught excluders fitted to bottoms of doors are great for the winter months. Equally useful at keeping warmth in to a certain room. In the summer months, opening all your doors can keep a steady flow of air through the house. Keeping you cool with a welcome and refreshing breeze

Speaking of summer months, doors can be a fantastic control of light. Opening doors to a brighter room can save you having to turn the lights on. While French or sliding doors let light in all year round. Allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of the great outdoors without having to leave the sofa. (Our bi-folding doors blend practicality with a modern flair.)

They also have similar benefits from a style point of view. Helping your rooms feel more open and spacious. Breaking down the barriers between inside and outside. For example, in warmer months you can open them for some fresh air while you do the ironing. Or when entertaining you can leave them open to create a continuous, open space for you and your guests to relax. Meanwhile at colder, darker times of the year glass doors offer an illusion of space. This can help relieve some of the tension of if you have been indoors all the time.

Helping you to express yourself

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A front door is also an opportunity for you to express your own personal style. Whether it’s in keeping with the rest of your home or whether you like mixing it up a little bit. If your house is in an Edwardian style, you might prefer a matching door to go with it. You could lean towards a composite design for added security with a modern feel.

Most people don’t think too much about their front door. Surprisingly they will generally reflect a part of your personality.

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