About Glass Roof Conservatories

SMART Glass roof, the clear choice for your conservatory. With the Pilkingotn Activ, solar control, self cleaning glass roof you can transform your conservatory into a bright welcoming room. The heat retentive glass gives you greater temperature control so you can enjoy your conservatory all year round, comfortably.

With a U-value1.0 W/m2K, the ability to reflect 80% of the sun’s rays and yet still provides a visible light transmittance of 28%, ensuring the spacious and open feel isn’t compromised in the search for solar control. The roof glass comes with true self-cleaning and warm edge technologies.



Our glass roof conservatories. offer a broad selection of colours and finishes, our palette boasts a varied selection of shades, and wood effects and textures so that there is the perfect solution for any home.

Glass Roof Conservatories