About Stable Doors

Our range of traditional composite stable doors offer your home an elegant and classy look. These doors are an excellent option for fresh air to circulate in your home thanks to their multi-functional opening system. Made of two pieces, which can open independently or together. 

Composite stable doors are ideal for families who want to keep an eye on children or pets playing outside in the garden, monitoring arrivals or departures from a property, or for keeping toddlers or dogs safely indoors. Available with two solid half-door panels or with the top panel glazed, a robust locking system ensure maximum security.

Our stable doors are built from the highest quality materials. We give a full 10 year guarantee with each stable door and already have many happy customers.



Our stable doors offer a broad selection of colours and finishes, our palette boasts a varied selection of shades, and wood effects and textures so that there is the perfect solution for any home.

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