Pavillion Conservatory

Why opt for a Pavilion Conservatory?

Pavilion Conservatory

We are taking a closer look at the various styles of conservatories. What they are? Which properties they suit best? How do I get one installed? This article, it’s the turn of the classic pavilion conservatory.

What is a Pavilion Conservatory?

A pavilion conservatory. Otherwise known as a gable or gable-end conservatory. A classic conservatory style. Featuring a square base and all-round glazing. Very similar in style to an Edwardian conservatory. The pavilion has a pitched, glazed roof and glazed gable end.

The walls can be integral dwarf walls or full height glass panels.

Which homes suit them?

Pavilion conservatories are very adaptable. They have a classic, symmetrical design and straight lines. Meaning that they are as ‘at home’ on a modern property as on a period one.

More ornate conservatories can seem at odds with contemporary architecture. Pavilion conservatories are neat, sleek and unobtrusive. Allowing them to blend with the features of the existing property.

pavillion conservatory examples

What are the benefits?

A popular choice with our customers, and with good reason.

Classic design
Their straight lines and classic design, they fit with any property.

Greatest floor space
The square base means greater floor space. Meaning room for furniture. A popular choice for kitchen, dining and lounge extensions.

Most light
A glazed roof and gable end allows plenty of natural daylight.

Versatile specifications
We build all our conservatories to your requirements. Specification glazing to help insulate, reduce UV and maximise energy efficiency.

Why choose RTE?

We have over 30 years’ experience and thousands of happy customers to our name. We are a leading manufacturer of conservatories in Blackburn.

Whatever your budget, we pride ourselves on delivering the best value.

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