Refurbishing your conservatory

French Doors refurbishing your conservatory

Refurbishing your conservatory

Things to consider when refurbishing your conservatory

Refurbishing your conservatory, there are lots of things to consider when you are having a conservatory installed. There are lots of things to think about too, when you inherit one with a property.

These are our top tips

Change the roof

The concept behind conservatory roofs is to be lightweight. This is in both build and engineering. Something to consider if you are planning on changing the roof on your conservatory. Are the existing walls able to support a heavier, solid roof?
It is possible and very popular to add a new solid roof to an old frame. The industry often refers to it as ‘retrofit’. A lot of homeowners are taking this option. They are choosing to refurbish their existing conservatory with a new roof. This transforms the space into one they can use all year round.
Of course, if you want to start again from scratch with a solid roof and smart features we can help with that too. Check out our smart conservatories page.

Planning Permission and Building Regulations

The majority of new-build conservatories will not need planning permission. This includes tiled, glazed or solid roofs. This is all covered under ‘permitted development’. These are regulations for extra works to properties. They allow you to make changes within certain guidelines so avoiding planning permission.
There are some conditions that you will need to meet about size and position. If you live in a conseervation area, there will be extra regulations. You can find details of these at your local council or through the ­Government’s Planning Portal.
If you intend to build an extension then Building Regulations will apply. To make sure your conservatory is not classed as an extension it will need to meet certain criteria.
1. Separated from the house with external quality walls
2. An independent heating system that is not controlled by the main house
3. Windows and doors that meet Building Regulation requirements.
To find out more about your regulations and permissions see the Planning Portal.

Insulation and energy efficiency when refurbishing your conservatory

Insulation is always an important feature in any conservatory refurbishment. Often this is the main reason for making a change. Far too cold in winter, far too hot in summer. Older style conservatories are often very inefficient.
If you have new doors or windows fitted you will hear about thermal ratings and efficiencies. For conservatories these don’t apply but you will hear about U-Values.
A U‐Value is a measurement of insulation and how efficient that insulation is. We measure the ‘thermal performance’ by the amount of heat it loses. The less heat loss there is, the lower the U-Value. Good thermal performance = a low U-value.

New Windows and Doors

To improve the look and efficiency of your conservatory a new roof is a going to be a great help. But you also need to consider the existing windows and doors. You don’t want to spend your money on a super-efficient solid roof but leaving on old doors that leak heat. We can help replace failed or inefficient doors and windows in your conservatory. Let us help make it a place you want to be in all year round.

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