Why Choose A Victorian Conservatory?

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Why Choose A Victorian Conservatory?

We continue exploring the various conservatory styles in this week’s blog. Today it’s the turn of the Victorian conservatory. It’s a distinctive and enduring design, and has the honour of being one of the most popular styles in the whole of the UK. When we take a look in closer detail, there are all sorts of reasons why!


What is a Victorian Conservatory?

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We went into detail about Victorian conservatories in last week’s blog, To recap on some of their main defining features:

  • An angled bay front. As opposed to a square, rectangular front featured in Edwardian or Pavilion conservatories
  • Three to five wall facets, giving the conservatory a rounded effect
  • A peaking apex roof (which mimicked the style of many Victorian houses at the time)
  • A series of ridges across the roof’s peak. The conservatory’s sides and end all come together. This helps contribute towards some of the more Gothic styles


Why Are They So Popular?

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The Victorian style has almost defined the popular perception of conservatories. When most people think of a conservatory, a Victorian one is what they tend to picture first. It was the Victorian era (the middle and late 19th century) in which the whole nation’s love of conservatories first started. That’s obvious in the love and care that went into those first designs. Around that time, they started to make a slow transition. From a favourite of the rich and wealthy to a more popular home addition for the nation at large.

Part of what makes the style so popular is its versatility. Victorian conservatories are equally suited to a whole range of architectural styles. Encompassing period and modern. Their traditional, historical quality is what most people find so captivating. As well as an undeniable elegance that blends into the whole property.

Not only do they look attractive, but they’re practical too. Their rounded shape offers plenty of extra living space. They allow vast amounts of natural light to pour through their glazed windows. It’s for this reason that they make excellent reading rooms. Old-world charm is often enhanced by blooming flowers or long, sprawling green lawns. Their apex roofs give the inside a feel of extra space and breathing room. Often taken for granted with other designs such as the Edwardian or Pavilion.

At RTE Fabs, we often find ourselves designing and building Victorian conservatories. Over the years we’ve installed some fascinating variations. You can see some of them here. If you already know what you want for yours, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01254 873002. We’re here to help!

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