Why Choose A Small Local Company?

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Why Choose A Small Local Company?

We all use huge companies on an almost daily basis; Sainsbury’s, Amazon and Apple to name a few. Building upon their own strengths over decades of history. Sainsbury’s is well over a hundred years old. They’ve built business empires with staggering numbers of employees across the globe. That makes them seem an obvious choice in many situations. But sometimes size isn’t everything! Choosing double glazing in Darwen from a small local company like RTE Fabrications has advantages. Here are a few:

Streamlined Communication

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Although it’s true we’re more modest in scale, our smaller structure often works to our advantage. We don’t have connected departments. No official gatekeepers or protective personal assistants. We communicate important information with a single phone call. Picked up by exactly the person who needs to know it. This direct communication means we bypass the red tape. That means things get done faster. Meaning minimal waiting time for you. This especially pays off during bespoke projects. Our straightforward communication you can tell us what you want. We’ll confer if we need to and then we’ll get straight back to you on how we can do it. Making sure that we don’t keep you waiting for a second longer than we have to. We deal with problems in a quick and efficient manner. We don’t bounce round several departments all playing the blame game.

Increased Flexibility and Adaptability

Why Choose A Small Local Company?

Small companies like us are by far the best choice to deliver personalised services. Our size means a central chain of command. We don’t have corporate directives from distant central offices. There are no long-established ways of doing things. There’s never ‘this is what we’ve always done’, only ‘what we can do for you’. We don’t have to float ideas up the ladder, waiting for levels of approval. We decide what we’re going to do, and then we do it. If we foresee an obstacle or problem, our team will discuss it with you immediately. We work with you to find a swift solution.

Reliable Reputation and Solid Expertise

Why Choose A Small Local Company?

As a smaller business, we live on our reputation. This means we can’t afford to have unhappy customers! Individual complaints against multinational companies often have minimal impact on their profits. Only large-scale scandals making noticeable dents. But for us, every single customer matters to us. No matter what the job entails. We care about what you think, and what’s more, it’s in our interests to keep you happy. We complete each job to the highest level of customer satisfaction, so you know you can trust the reviews we get.

We don’t recruit our employees in bulk. What matters to us is knowledge and expertise, not raw manpower. This is true of most small businesses. Every one of their employees knows the business inside out, because in every case they can’t afford not to. Poor training means lost time, and lost time means lost money! But that’s what it means for us – what does it mean for you? It means that that the employees you meet face-to-face will be experts in their field. Ensuring a standard of work with the highest levels of efficiency and safety. You are at the centre of everything we do, and we train our workers to remember that from day one on the job.

These are a few of the main reasons to choose a small trader over a larger company. So, if you need double glazing in Darwen, a conservatory in Clitheroe or a front door in Fence call us. We’ll be only too happy to help!