Why upgrade your Roofline Fascias

roofline fascias

Why upgrade your Roofline Fascias

We can give you 4 reasons why you should upgrade your Roofline Fascias!
Roofline fascias – we all know the importance of a strong, sturdy roof on your property. But how often do you check and maintain your properties roofline? It can be easy to forget the importance of a strong roofline when you are doing upgrades in and around your home. It is just as important as your roof, as it helps to keep your drainage system working efficiently. Rooflines consist of many parts that work together to protect a property. Like everything else, they all need maintenance to keep them in good working order.
But why are roofline fascias so important? Neglecting your roofline can lead to a string of roof-related issues. Leaks, weak gutters and rot all potential risks. The good news? Upgrading to UPVC roofline you will reduce the chances of this happening!

What are Roofline fascias? 

Roofline consists of several elements. It’s the general term to describe the fascia, soffits, bargeboards, antefixes and cladding. These run along the bottom edge of your roof where it meets the wall of your house. There are several different kinds of roofline. All designed with the important job of protecting the fabric of your home from the weather. Roofline used to be long, continuous wooden boards. But, as with wooden window frames, wooden roofline requires regular maintenance and repainting. It is prone to damage from rot as time goes on. This is why many opt to replace existing roofline. Low maintenance UPVC products don’t just make the property look better. They also provide better insulation and saves on all future costs of redecoration!

The installation of UPVC roofline will also offer the following five benefits!

  • Repairing your old wooden roofline can be expensive. It can be inconvenient too. Patching up the existing issues will only work for a certain period of time. Inevitably you will experience more problems. By upgrading to UPVC roofline you will permanently solve any issues. This will prove more cost and time effective in the long run.
  • UPVC roofline has the wonderful benefit of being maintenance-free. It can withstand all types of weather without affecting its appearance or performance.
  • There are several colour options to choose from. Making it easy to find a finish that complements your home.
  • A tidy exterior roofline fascias will have a massive effect on the aesthetics of a property.
So exchange worn out timber pristine UPVC roofline fascias. You will completely transform your home, add value an increase the curb appeal!
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